Fire Alarm Maintenance London

Guard Security Systems or GuardSys™ give consistent fire alarm support reviews for your property both private and business to guarantee your alarms are attempting to ensure your advantages legitimately. Their specialists will guarantee that the fire alarm maintenance is done to meet all NSI and enactment necessities issuing you finish true serenity.

Contingent upon your danger appraisal, GuardSys™ will give full maintenance inspection and complete checks at regular intervals (or according to your prerequisite) to guarantee that your premises are ensured including the replacement of batteries in equipment if necessary.

Their maintenance engineer will:

  • Test every manual call point and / or zone at each visit.
  • Test every heat and smoke detector.
  • Check all sensors.
  • Check that the zone plan is accurate.
  • Check the operation of remote signaling to the alarm receiving center (where applicable).
  • Inspect every detector.
  • Investigate any reported false alarms in the log book and correct as necessary.
  • Check the functions of alarm system and visual indicators on control panels.
  • Issue a service certificate.
  • Test the battery for condition.

Proficiency is basic in keeping expenses to a minimum for fire alarm maintenance. Their pre-authorized service spend can guarantee minor works are completed whilst the architect is on location, diminishing the requirement for return visits and minimizing the expense to their customers.

For more info on their Fire Alarm Service, Maintenance, Repair, to upgrade your current Fire Alarm System or to have GuardSys™ assume control over your system basically contact with them either via their book a free survey form, emailing, messaging or calling.


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